Hello! I am a Post-Baccalaureate Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. I recently graduated from University of California, Berkeley with B.A. (Hons) in Physics and B.A. (Hons) in Astrophysics, in addition to a minor in Music. I am an active science student, but also I spend my time with cameras and instruments.

My main scientific interest is in cosmology, especially on testing the theories for dark energy by connecting analytical and observational (experimental) results through computer simulations. Currently, I belong to UCB SNe Search Team (Filippenko Group) in UCB Astronomy department and Electron EDM Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. I also carry several independent projects including collaborations with the Optical Cavity Team (Mueller Group) and another collaboration with my mentor Miguel Zumalacarregui (and his colleagues). Several outreach & education activities has been also part of my life, including curriculum development for Undergraduate Laboratory at Berkeley (ULAB) and talks for Super Science High school (SSH) summer camp students visiting from Japan.

Awards & Honors

Talks & Presentations

  • Seminar Talk, University of Cambridge Cavendish Astronomy (invited; December 2020)

  • AAS 236th Meeting 132.04 (iPoster session, Pulsating Variable Stars)

  • AAS 236th Meeting 339.02 (iPoster session, Education and Public Outreach II, co-authored)

  • APS April Meeting 2020 T15.00008 (General oral session, Tests of Modified Gravity)

  • UC Berkeley Department of Astronomy, Lunch Talk (April 2020 & November 2020)

Outreach & Education

  • Mentor & Instructor for undergraduate courses at UCB (e.g. Physics 153, Astron 198)

  • Local Coordinator, SSH Science Camp (for Japanese high school students)


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* The pdf version of full CV is available upon request.




  • Participation in UCB Music Department Concerts

  • Participation in VdGSA events

  • Piano Teaching / Tutoring


Awards & Prizes

(in Japan | past)

  • Gold Prize (1st) at Tokyo Round and 27th at National Final: The 12th International Chopin Piano Competition in ASIA

  • 3rd at National Final, Beten Piano Competition

  • many more for piano performance

  • First Chair cellist, National Youth Symphony Orchestra for the 20th High School Orchestra Festival




  • Graduation Photography

  • Backpacking for street photography

Photography Prize

(in Japan | past)

  • Fine Work Prize at Tokyo High School Exhibition (2014)


  • Cycling

  • Bouldering

  • 3D Printing

More information about my activities outside of science is available on the desktop site.


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