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Current & Recent Projects   — seeing the universe with physics

I am passionate about seeing the unknown quantities in the universe through physics.

My research is focused on testing cosmological theories using experiments and observations at various scales, from laboratories to galaxies. In particular, I'm most interested in theories for dark energy that can resolve various issues associated with observed phenomena of the universe, such as the Hubble tension problem or the cosmological constant problem.

Since such studies heavily rely on accurate data analysis, I often spend time developing data analysis tools and numerical simulation software, as well as designing and implementing optical systems for AMO experiments.

(Click to see the descriptions of my recent projects in each field)

Theoretical Cosmology
Observational Cosmology
Experimental Cosmology
Stellar Astrophysics
AMO Experiments


Most recent publications can be found by clicking the research field pages above.

Alternatively, you can visit the document list on arxiv.

Software Downloads

I am developing / have developed numbers of data analysis & simulation tools for my projects.

The most recent version of software can be downloaded from GitHub.

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